About Dieting and Weight Loss

Diet is not necessarily a bad word, but our society today has it encompassing all of these different ways that will guarantee your successful weight loss. Diet is defined as food and drink regularly provided or consumed. I’m not saying that these new diets won’t work for you. What I’m asking you is, are you ready and willing to make a fad diet the way you and your family eat from this day forward? Are you willing to provide the foods on a regular basis that this whatever diet recommends? Probably not. You will stick to this new whatever diet for a while and lose some weight. You will then slowly go back to the way you are eating now, and your weight will creep upwards again. You will then start searching for another new diet to help you lose weight.

Instead of trying a new fad diet, why not try a few lifelong behavior adjustments that will lead you to your ultimate goal of weight loss for life. Why not give up the diet fad, and just stick to eating healthy well balanced meals and snacks along with moderate exercise to reach your goals. Sound simple? It is. You just have to commit yourself to your new healthy lifestyle. After all, dieting according to society now gets more difficult to do each time you try to start a new diet. The best way to reach your weight loss goals is to eat healthy, stay active, and maintain your healthy lifestyle.


Losing weight is all about choices. Choosing to eat right or not, choosing to exercise or watch television, or even choosing one diet over another. Why not try a lifestyle change for a few months and see if your weight loss dreams begin to come true.

In order to achieve your ideal healthy weight and new healthy lifestyle, you need to set goals. In mean specific, achievable goals, not vague ones where you don’t have a well defined ending. Keep picturing yourself reaching your goal (One of my goals is to wear a size 6 white bikini with pink hibiscus flowers and to look and feel great in it), and take small steps toward achieving it.

Look at all the positives and not the negatives. Focus on how good it feels to exercise 3 times a week, and don’t focus on the doughnut you had to have a few minutes ago.

Don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way of achieving your goals. Stay committed to yourself, and say no to others if necessary. Set your priorities, and stick to them. Yes, we all slip every once in a while, but keep at it, and your goal will be in sight before you know it!!