I Started Preparing My Own Meals and This is What Happened

When I decided that it was time to change my lifestyle so that I could not only lose weight and look great but also feel better, I knew that one of the things that I needed to do was stop eating at restaurants so much. Fast food had to go as well, of course. So I started preparing my own meals at home, and it was one of the best decisions that I ever made on my fitness journey.

Saving a Small Fortune

Before getting started, I want to point out that there were some immediate benefits that I noticed right away.  Even before any nutrition or wellness advantages I experienced – and there are a lot as you’ll see – there were some things that showed me I definitely made the right choice.  For instance, I suddenly had a lot more money in my pocket.  I had no idea how much money I was washing down the drain by eating take-out, delivery and pre-made meals.

Ingredients are substantially cheaper than pre-made meals.  For the price of one large pre-made dinner, I can get five home-made large dinners made from whole foods that I prepared myself. For one take-out or delivery meal, I can make the equivalent for myself for one quarter the price.  At the end of the first month, I’d saved almost $100 on my personal meals alone. Imagine what that would do for a family of three, four or five!

More Discoveries from Preparing My Own Meals

Keep reading to learn why I highly recommend cooking homemade meals whenever you can.

I Started to Feel Lighter

One of the first things that I noticed once I started preparing my own meals is that I started to feel lighter. I made sure to cook healthy recipes that were hearty without weighing me down, so I focused on a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans. I avoided adding too much salt and sugar to my food, and I instead focused on adding flavor through spices that are known to provide health benefits, including weight loss benefits, like cayenne pepper and turmeric.

In addition to feeling lighter after every meal, I was also more energized. I was able to avoid the bloat that often came with eating processed and prepared meals that were packed with sodium, and I was able to keep my sweet tooth under control without sacrificing energy.

I Was Able to Lose Weight More Easily

After I started preparing my own meals, I was able to lose more weight more easily too. This is because I could really control my portions, and I could control the ingredients as well. I knew how much fat was in everything I ate, and it was also easier to create low-calorie recipes than I thought it would be, thanks to all of the resources for healthy eating online.

I Became More Regular

TMI? Probably.  But by eating meals I prepared myself, my bathroom habits became far more regular.  In fact, you could set a clock to me!  I wasn’t going overboard with all clean and healthy foods but eating meals based on whole foods definitely upped my fiber intake.  As a result, I felt a lot better, had more energy and haven’t once suffered from constipation. One natural benefit from that is that the bloating has been flushed away.  It’s not a problem I need to contend with anymore, either.

Regularity alone has reduced or entirely eliminated:

  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Gassiness
  • Gas pains
  • Unpredictable bowel movements
  • Fatigue from digestive discomfort

Preparing My Own Means Meant I Knew What I Was Eating!

Probably most important of all, I knew what I was eating once I started cooking my own meals at home. I focused on purchasing organic and non-GMO ingredients that I knew were better for my body and doing so also contributed to me feeling better overall.

Whereas eating out would cause me to consume mystery food, not knowing exactly what ingredients went into my meals, by preparing food at home, I was able to avoid artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors while sticking to a more natural diet that works with my body.

If you want to see a change in the way you look and feel, and if you want to lose weight, I highly recommend switching to a diet that is primarily homemade. Once you start to feel great, you’ll love every minute in the kitchen.

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