Are There Any Benefits to a 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge?

Though there has always been one 6 week weight loss challenge or another making its way through the trends. That said, are any of them a good idea? Do they motivate you and push you to get better results? Or could you be setting yourself up for disaster?

Is a 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge Worthwhile?

There is no single answer to the question of whether or not it is worth your time to take on a 6 week weight loss challenge.  After all, not all challenges are the same and it all depends on whether you choose one that is appropriate to your body and your expectations.  If you want to know for certain, your best move is always to discuss it with your doctor.

That way, you and your physician can talk about how many pounds you should be losing, how quickly, which methods are safe for you, and whether a 6 week weight loss challenge will suit that type of goal.  After all, while some challenges have the potential to build up your motivation and set you on the right track for making positive choices, others can lead to setbacks.

Avoid Extreme Dieting

No matter how much you might be tempted to take on a 6 week weight loss challenge, if it involves extreme dieting, it’s always best to give it a pass. After all, the last thing you want to do is cause yourself injury, slow down your metabolism or put yourself off what would otherwise be a healthy weight management pursuit.

This is another reason that speaking with your doctor is advisable.  It will help you to know if 6 week weight loss challenges you’re considering are healthy ones or if they involve extreme measures.  Regardless of the claims you hear, the enthusiasm of friends or coworkers, or if you are tempted to try something quite restrictive in the hopes of fast results, safety is always the best path.

What Can You Do in a Month and a Half?

Still, not all 6 week weight loss challenges are dangerous or harmful. Some can help to kickstart a longer-term diet or encourage you to build healthy habits.  Consider the following things that you can accomplish by challenging yourself to keep them up over this amount of time:

  • Build a new healthy habit
  • Try something new every day (such as a new healthy ingredient or a new type of exercise, for example)
  • Eat vegetables and/or fruit with every single meal for 5 or 6 days per week
  • Do a different kind of workout each day of the week, including cardio, strength training and flexibility/balance.
  • Discover ways to improve your mental health that promotes long term healthy behaviors that will result in weight management
  • Join a class and don’t miss any.
  • Check out these weight loss tools

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