We Asked a Pro – Personal Trainers Say These Exercises for Fat Burning Work Best

For most of us, the right exercises for fat burning are the ones that will give us the best results within the shortest period of time. After all, who has the time and energy to spend doing workouts that are giving anything but the best possible outcomes?

To help make sure you’re squeezing the most from every minute, we asked a pro what the top personal trainers are saying are the best exercises for fat burning. We’ve created this list based on the top options for getting the job done.

The Best Exercises for Fat Burning


High intensity interval training isn’t a specific type of movement. Instead it is a strategy of exercises for burning fat in which there are bursts of high intensity exercise broken up by periods of lower intensity exercise or rest. The strenuous periods last only a few minutes or even a few seconds, depending on what they are. These workout sessions aren’t long and will often fit into a busy schedule without sacrificing health, fitness and weight loss results.


Sprint interval training involves sessions of full exertion. They require you to work out as hard as you can during brief exercises for fat burning. These sessions are even shorter and have periods of rest between the intervals of maximum intensity. They require a lower period of time for the workout but also require you to put absolutely everything you have into every second of each movement.


High intensity incidental physical activity involves extremely short periods of high intensity exercises for fat burning interspersed throughout the day. Instead of using a set workout time during the day, the point is to take on regular brief activities throughout the day that will cause you to raise your heart rate and breathing.

For example, running up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. You might jog or run from your parking place instead of parking as close as you can and strolling to your destination. Carry your grocery bags inside in as few trips as possible. These activities, as brief and typical as they may be, have been found to have similar health and fitness benefits to longer workouts. They are perfect for anyone who doesn’t have the time or motivation for a full workout every day or who is trying to include more activity in a lifestyle after having lived a relatively sedentary lifestyle.

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