Weight Loss Tip #7: Take a Multivitamin

Take a multivitamin every day!  I don’t know how to emphasize this point to the extent that it needs to be emphasized.  When you are exercising and trying to change your caloric intake in order to lose weight, your body begins to use every nutrient it can to produce the healthy new you.  A multivitamin provides your body with those nutrients that are lacking in your diet.  A multivitamin is NOT a substitute for any vitamin or mineral your body needs.  It is a supplement to your diet that is very useful for filling in the nutrition gaps your diet may have from day to day.

Choose a multivitamin that you can take every day.  It the pill is too large or if they make you sick then you won’t take them.  I currently take GNC’s Women’s Ultra Mega Dietary Supplement.  I take the recommended dosage after dinner so I have enough food in my stomach I won’t get nauseous.  Please talk to your doctor about which multivitamin supplement is best for you.  Whichever multivitamin you choose, get in the habit of taking it at the same time every day.  It’s a good habit to get into for your new healthy lifestyle.