Weight Loss Tip #6: Eat Protein to Lose Weight

Protein is a vital part of a weight loss plan and a healthy lifestyle.  Protein is important because it stimulates the replenishment of glycogen by activating insulin.  It also provides the necessary building blocks for muscle growth when coupled with complex carbohydrates from whole foods.  Furthermore, by eating lean protein, your blood glucose stays at a more constant level to prevent sugar urges for up the 3 hours.  A study in The Journal of Nutrition reported that a high protein diet with moderate exercise (5 30 minute walks and 2 30 minute weight training sessions) stimulated more weight loss than with a high carbohydrate diet and moderate exercise.

Protein is made of amino acids, and different amino acids make up different kinds of protein.  Fat and fiber in protein slow down the digestion and adsorption of protein.  In order to build healthy muscle as a part of your weight loss goals, you need a variety of different types of protein.  Whey protein is ideal in a shake or protein bar taken immediately after a workout because it is quickly absorbed by the body to replenish glycogen stores that were depleted during the workout.  There are many types of whey protein available at your local health food nutrition store.

Eggs are a high quality protein and are very cost effective as a protein source.  If you choose organic eggs, a lot of them contain omega-3s also.  Casein is the main protein found in milk and other dairy products that protects against muscle breakdown.  We want to keep our muscles strong so don’t forget to drink your milk everyday!  Soy is a plant based protein that is an excellent choice for adding more protein to your weight loss plan.  Shakes that contain soy and spirulina are great for women.

Make sure you are getting enough protein as a part of your well balanced diet.  Not enough and you risk not developing the muscle you need to increase your calorie burning capacity.  Find new way to incorporate protein into your eating plan, and you will definitely see the benefits.