Delicious Ways to Use Summer Fruits in Healthy Savory Dishes

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy healthy savory dishes. After all, it’s the time of year when foods like salads are extremely appealing. This makes it very easy to be able to enjoy local, nutritious foods.  That said, despite the variety of fresh fruit options, we tend to save those ingredients for snacks and desserts.

By doing that, we’re just limiting ourselves! There are tons of ways to use summer fruits in healthy savory dishes. This doesn’t just mean dropping some blueberries onto a green salad. If you haven’t been discovering ways to use the fruits in your farmers market for beautiful savory dishes, you’re missing out.

Get Inspired by These Healthy Savory Dishes

These healthy savory dishes all use fruit in their own way. They can help you to enjoy delicious, nutritious and fresh meals throughout the summer.  They’ll have you craving the healthiest options while skipping the packaged stuff.  Your body, energy levels and overall wellness will thank you – not to mention your taste buds!

Tomato Peach Soup

Did you just crinkle your nose?  Think again! This isn’t the traditional hot tomato soup you used to eat with a grilled cheese as a kid.  Instead, it’s a chilled and silky option you’ll absolutely adore.  It contains tomatoes, peaches, herbs and veggies thickened with yogurt.  When it’s unbelievably hot outside, you’ll still crave this cooling, hydrating and nutrient-packed option among your healthy savory dishes.

Savory Melon Platter

Having guests over or just chilling out on the deck on the weekend? Turn the idea of a fruit platter into a more savory affair.  Sprinkle kalamata powder onto some melon pieces.  Set them out on a platter with some olives, cheeses and even some cold cuts such as turkey and chicken deli meats rolled neatly into finger foods.

Deconstructed Street Food

Some of your favorite summer street foods can be terrific healthy savory meals in the summertime.  Grilled corn with spicy fruit cups can turn even the sweetest fruits into gorgeous savory meals you’ll want to have every day until the weather turns cool.  These are found all over the place in Mexico, and now you’ll want them in your home, too!

Fruit Sauces

Give your meals a healthy and low-cal boost by making sauces from local fruits.  Try hits like tart berry sauces on grilled fish, or nectarine sauces on red meat.  If you want to try a Meatless Monday option, grill some cauliflower (you must try this if you haven’t.  The caramelization is a game changer!) with herbed sweet fruit sauces made from peaches, pears, nectarines, sweet plums, or whatever else happens to be in season.

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