Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

You CAN Overcome Your Weight Loss Plateau!

We’ve all been there.  You’ve lost almost all the weight you wanted except for those last few pounds.  Your body seems to have adjusted to this new weight and won’t budge any lower.  This is exactly what happened…your body and your metabolism have adjusted to your weight loss efforts and now your scale is stuck 5 pounds above where you want it.

Don’t worry, there are some things that you can do to start the scales moving in a downward direction again.  You have been doing the same exercises and eating the same foods to get you where you are now.  You just need a few slight adjustments to get your body back on track and out of that rut.  Try one or more of the following tips to help get your body back in weight loss mode.

1.  Eat carbohydrates earlier in the day.

Although we need carbohydrates to maintain our energy levels throughout the day, we definitely have control over when we eat them.  By eating the majority of your carbohydrate servings before late afternoon, you give your body a chance to use the carbohydrates for energy instead of being converted to fate while you are sleeping.  If you are one of those people who need a bedtime snack, try some veggies or fruit accompanied by organic peanut butter to get you through the night.

2.  Add an extra day of cardio onto your workout schedule.

If you can squeeze in an extra hour of cardiovascular training each week, you can overcome your weight loss plateau fairly quickly.  I don’t necessarily mean going to the gym an extra day because that could get boring very quickly.  Why not schedule a flag football game with your friends, take a hike with your significant other, or even go roller skating with your kids.  All of these things can help you burn extra calories while having some fun at the same time.

By adding extra cardio workouts into your daily routine, you are also increasing your body’s ability to burn fat on a consistent basis.  Your body will burn more calories in a resting state if you will just commit to an extra hour of burning calories each week.

3.  Zigzag carbohydrate intake.

Your body needs carbohydrates to survive.  You don’t need to completely restrict carbohydrates because of this.  You also don’t need to eat too many servings of carbohydrate heavy food.  Try eating 2 servings less of carbohydrates on those days you don’t go to the gym.  On the days you do workout you will need more energy, but make sure you stay within your allowed calorie intake.

4.  Zigzag calorie intake

Your body will get used to processing the same number of calories every day.  This can cause your metabolism to slow because your body becomes more efficient at burning those same amount of calories over time.  For instance, maybe your eat 1800 calories on the days you have a workout.  On the days you don’t workout, only eat 1500.  By varying you calorie intake every few days, your body will keep its metabolism up and burn more calories.

5.  Change your workout routine.

Everyone gets into a rut sometimes, even your body.  If you do the same weight training exercises or the same cardio workout each time you go to the gym, your metabolism will settle into a self made rut.  Instead of getting on the treadmill at the same speed for the same amount of time, try increasing the speed and incline that you use.  Maybe try using a different cardio machine or walking a different route with hills.  Consider hiring a personal trainer to help you develop new weight training routines to get you out of your rut.  Try to mix up your overall routine a bit and you’ll soon see that you’ve overcome your weight loss plateau.