Hang in There! Quotes for Weight Loss Motivation

Sometimes the simple act of reading an inspirational quote is all that you need to start feeling motivated, to get yourself back on track when you have fallen off course, and to keep you going strong when you are working towards an important goal. That is why quotes for weight loss motivation are so easy to find and so popular.

Check out a few of the best quotes for weight loss motivation below so that you can turn to them whenever you are feeling like you need a little boost of focus and mental energy to nail your fitness goals.

Quotes for Weight Loss Motivation

“Fat lasts longer than flavor”

“3 months from now, you will thank yourself”

“I am not there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday”

“I do not work out because I hate my body. I work out because I love it.”

“You are not going to get the butt that you want by sitting on it.”

“Wow, I really regret that workout—said no one ever.”

“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.”

“You do not have to go fast; you just have to go.”

“Your body can do anything; it is your brain you have to convince.”

“Sweat is fat crying.”

“Today it hurts, tomorrow it works.”

“If it does not challenge you, it does not change you.”

“What do you hate more? That 30-minute workout or those 30 extra pounds?”

“I am doing this for me.”

“Once you see results, it becomes an addiction.”

“Look in the mirror. That is your competition.”

“She believed she could, so she did.”

“How do you want to feel? Fit or jealous?”

“The only bad workout is the one that you did not do.”

“If you are tired of starting over, stop giving up.”

“I am not dieting, I am changing my lifestyle.”

“Progress: you may not be where you want to be, but you are not where you used to be.”

“When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.”

“Do not dig your grave with your own knife and fork.”

“Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.”

How to Use These Motivational Quotes

Consider keeping these quotes for weight loss motivation handy, perhaps in your bedroom, bathroom, or even at your desk. In this way, you can see them often and be reminded of just how important reaching your diet and fitness goals really is.

If the quotes don’t seem to motivate you at first, don’t despair.  It doesn’t mean that quotes for weight loss don’t work for you.  Instead, it could simply mean that you either haven’t focused on the right quote or that you aren’t using it properly.

Choosing the right motivational quote can be perfectly obvious or can be slightly challenging.  The key is to find a quote that speaks to you right now.  This means that the quotes for weight loss won’t necessarily be the ones your sibling or best friend likes.  It also means that it won’t necessarily be the same one every day.  You might find a quote to be motivational one day, but find that it has lost its oomph a few days later.  Sometimes freshness plays an important role in whether or not your quote will work for you.

Why do Quotes for Weight Loss Motivation Work?

Research shows that there really is something to quotes for weight loss motivation. For some people, they’re enough to get them up and moving.  For others, they can drive them to reach health and weight goals for the rest of their lives.

According to researchers, this effect has to do with the fact that humans are social creatures.  We enjoy the guidance of coaches.  When it comes to self-guidance and self-coaching, we can still benefit from the words of others, even when those others don’t happen to be there at the time to say them directly to us.

We find it very helpful to listen to the words of others that drive us to achieve our goals.  That said, we especially enjoy words from people who have achieved goals similar to our own.  The fact that someone else has already done what we want to do can make their opinions and expressions more valuable to our personal drive.

Beyond the person who is saying them, there is also something powerful about the words used to express a point.  Research has shown that well-expressed motivation, wisdom and weight loss quotes are among the most effective.  Accurate wording, regardless of who says it, can provide people with the most inspiration.  Equally important is the style used in order to share the accurate words.  This combination helps people to relate with and connect with the language in order to be driven forward by it.

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