My Lockdown Weight Loss 7 Weeks in from the Start

I’ve been working on weight loss for 7 weeks since the start of the lockdown began.  At the start, I let myself have some time to just cope with everything that was going on and, like millions of us, I packed on some extra pounds.  I don’t feel bad about that. It’s what had to be.

My Decision for Weight Loss 7 Weeks After the Emergency Started

As much as I have no problem with allowing myself to find comfort in food and skip workouts for a short while, it did leave me heavier than I wanted to be.  As I started to find my emotional balance again, it was time to support that with the weight loss following 7 weeks without rules.

After all, without deciding on weight loss 7 weeks into my unlimited consumption of baked goods and bacon, I’d need to replace my wardrobe – not exactly easy in a lockdown. Also, I’ve been reading that one of the things recommended for keeping ourselves feeling well in all this includes eating nutritiously.  Not exactly what I was getting from the chocolate cereal in chocolate milk that started my day!

Choosing My Strategy

Since I wanted to be able to lose a chunk of weight quickly before settling into my pre-pandemic lifestyle that was maintaining effectively, I decided to give keto a try. Since I wanted to do things right, I went with keto diet pills to support my body in achieving and maintaining ketosis. I did my homework to find out how to begin a keto diet but recognized that knowing something in theory and in action are two different concepts.

I feel like I made the right move.  Considering that I didn’t start weight loss until 7 weeks into the lockdown, and I’d really lost all my good habits, I needed to turn my lifestyle on its head. I needed a fresh start.  I didn’t feel great at first. I was sluggish and nauseated for a few days. Then suddenly I was energized and felt great.  It was after that point that the pounds really came away.

I didn’t want to keep doing keto long term, but I had every intention to go back to my old lifestyle from the start of the year. I worked fitness back into my lifestyle and once I got to where I wanted to be on the bathroom scale, I let the keto diet go in favor of my old healthy lifestyle.  Comparatively, it felt way less restrictive, which made it easy to get back into it.  I gained a couple of pounds at first as my body readjusted, but then everything evened out. My hope is to keep things where they are now as I move forward.

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