A Weight Loss Diet Can Work, but Not if You Keep Up Old Habits!

The last few years have brought about a new kind of debate regarding whether or not a weight loss diet can work. There are many schools of thought in this area. After all, when looking at many statistics over the years, they show that it’s not at all uncommon for people to regain lost weight. This is true even when they worked very hard to achieve it.

However, this doesn’t mean that we can simply discount whether a weight loss diet can work. The majority of research is now suggesting that it isn’t a matter of whether or not your diet strategy can cause you to lose the pounds that is the most important issue to consider. Instead, it is important to focus on whether or not it can be maintained over the long term.

Keeping it Up Decides if a Weight Loss Diet Can Work

Many of us have decided that it isn’t true that a weight loss diet can work because of our lack of successes in the past. However, when taking a closer look at our habits, it can become more obvious why it is that a dieting strategy failed. It can also make it clear why it was successful only to allow the weight to return. More often than not, diet programs are made of short-term fixes. This, despite the fact that it is a long-term problem we are trying to repair.

After all, the issue we face with losing weight isn’t dropping the pounds. It’s getting rid of them so that they will never come back. This is an issue of weight management, not just weight loss. Therefore, when deciding if a weight loss diet can work, it’s vital to look at whether or not its components can be realistically maintained for many years to come.

Letting Old Habits Return is Sabotage

Among the most important factors in whether a weight loss diet can work is if it allows old habits to return. After all, those old habits will have the same impact they did the first time.  They will cause the weight to be regained. Weight is typically gained due to certain lifestyle habits unless there are other issues at play such as:

  • Medical (physical or mental) conditions,
  • Drug side effects or
  • Other similar medical issues.

A weight loss strategy that builds new and healthier habits to replace those that caused the weight to be gained in the first place has a greater chance of keeping the weight off over the long term. On the other hand, if your dieting plan offers only short-term efforts that stay in place until your weight goal is reached, only to allow old habits to return, the old weight may one day return, too.

Your goal is to find a weight loss diet that will work for you.  In that, you need to make sure it will involve changes that replace your old habits over the long-term. Stopping at your goal weight will only work against you.

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